Image of a cello, a 1702 Giovanni Grancino cello

1702 Giovanni Grancino cello

Born in 1637, Giovanni Grancino was one of the finest makers of the Milanese school. Grancino was known for making full sized cellos, larger than his contemporaries. This cello provides a very unique example of a 3/4 to 7/8 size cello by Grancino. The method of construction suggests it was not made in a mold (like most instruments) but rather the tool marks indicate its ribs were bent and integrated into the back. This shows evidence that it was likely made as a special commission.

The cello is owned by a former cellist with degrees from both Harvard and Oxford University. Speaking on the cello, the owner has said: “My short-lived cello career took me to world-class festivals from Aspen, Sarasota and Banff to Europe, Asia and beyond. I was fortunate to play on an exquisite instrument that fit my small frame. I am thrilled that my cello can now be part of the history and opportunity that is the Musical Instrument Bank.”

The instrument’s two piece back is made of plain cut pear wood. The ribs and scroll are of matching materials. The two piece top is made of mixed narrow to wide grain. The varnish is a light golden yellow.

Donor: Anonymous loan
Acquired: 2018


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