1841 Charles François Gand “Gand Père” cello


1841 Charles François Gand Gand Père cello

1841 Charles François Gand “Gand Père” cello

This cello was made by Charles Francois Gand – known as “Gand Pere,” he was apprenticed to Nicolas Lupot of Paris. Lupot, being the most skilled French maker of his time, was often referred to as “The French Stradivari.”  Gand succeeded his master in 1824 and subsequently married Lupot’s daughter.

Charles Francois Gand was obsessed with the principles of acoustics and constantly experimented with materials and design.

This cello is the fruit of such experimentation in as much that the table is constructed of three pieces of spruce, rather than the customary two pieces. The centre piece of this cello was preshaped before the outer two pieces were joined, thus giving the cello an extremely strong and clear voice with the warmth and maturity of an older instrument.

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