Image of a violin, the 1869 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume violin (with Vuillaume model bow)

1869 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume violin (with Vuillaume model bow) 

This violin was made in Paris, France by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume at the zenith of his career. The violin bears the master's signature on the inside upper back, as well as his number and brand stamp. The violin and the bow that accompanies it are in near mint condition.

The violin’s two-piece back of select maple displays a strong figure descending from the centre joint. The ribs and scroll are of matching materials. The one piece top of select spruce, displays narrow straight grain at the treble bouts to wide grain at the bass bouts. The varnish of red brown over amber begins somewhat shaded by the maker and displays lovely orange peel texture throughout. The bow is a round stick of select Pernambuco and displays an ivory tip. The ebony frog displays pearl eyes and silver mounts. The ebony button displays a silver cap and silver ring.

The owners inherited the violin from Greg Cook’s maternal grandfather, Aden Hurst, who was believed to have been born around 1880.

Donor: Greg and Bonnie Cook
Acquired: 2009


Past winners:

2009 - 2012 Jessica Linnebach (Ottawa, Ontario)
2012 - 2015 Carissa Klopoushak
2015 - 2018 Joshua Daniel Peters
2018 - 2022 Byungchan Lee

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