1757 Carlo Tononi Bolognese Violin, one of 24 instruments in the Canada Council Musical Instrument Bank

1757 Carlo Tononi Bolognese Violin

This fine violin was created in Venice by Carlo Antonio Tononi, of Bologna, Italy, the third generation of a family of renowned luthiers (son of Pietro Tononi and grandson of Carlo Tononi). The instrument’s voice is strong and clear, and very well suited to solo performance and repertoire. It is accompanied by a certificate and photographs from the firm of Hamma of Stuttgart signed and dated July 6, 1943.

The back is one piece and displays broad even figure, ascending slightly from left to right; the ribs are of faint, almost plain figure; the scroll of matching material to the back. The two-piece top is made of mostly medium-width straight grain and the varnish is a light reddish brown over amber. It is in a good state of repair.

Lender: Anonymous
Acquired: 2014 (until 2018) and 2023

Past winners:

2015–2018 Boson Mo