An image of a violin, the 1852 JB Vuillaume violin

1851 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume violin

This violin, made by J.B. Vuillaume in Paris in 1851, is of a Maggini model and has the larger body associated with the Brescian makers of the late sixteenth century. The back measures 36.8 cm, a full 13 mm longer than what Stradivari would establish by the end of the seventeenth century. Although this violin is built on a larger format, it remains comfortable in feel and fit for most players.

This violin possesses a very strong and focused voice, and was played for eight years by Sarah Nematallah, second violinist in the Cecilia Quartet.

The instrument has a one piece back which displays horizontal figure. The ribs and scroll are of a similar material but of slightly stronger figure. The two top piece is made of a narrow straight grain. The varnish is a golden brown colour shaded over amber and has been antiqued by the maker. Being of Maggini model, the violin exhibits double purfling with floral patterns on the back.

Donor: Dr. Robert S. Williams
Acquired: 2018


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2018 - 2022 Carissa Klopoushak

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